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12-Dec-2017 05:18

The patchouli in LVB typically amps up to the point where it drowns out the more subtle notes. Instead, the patchouli in Si works to tame what otherwise would be an overly sweet, syrupy berry. Not for a teen, but easily matches both young and mature ladies. Longevity is about 5-6 hours and the sillage is quiet moderate. I don't know if I've ever had a fragrance float between "love" and "like" before. The cassis and patchouli notes are slightly sweet and herbal.The end result is just sexy as hell and it makes ME feel beautiful. I think this is a mix between La vie est belle/ tresor la nuit and Coco Mademoiselle. I think it's the rose blending with the vanilla and the red wine fruity nectar. It's such a strong "like", but something is pulling it back from reaching full love status. The casis, while being the sole reason for Si's uniqueness, is juuust on the border of being too sharp. The patchouli is strong in this's smooth, earthy and not overpowering. it doesnt quite smell like the type of vanilla im used to. Feminine vanilla warms the perfume up while the other notes make it interesting.Purchased the eau de parfum version along with the body lotion, a very nice combination so that the lasting power is even stronger.Very nice, far from fruity floral scents that I love yet very enjoyable.I tried LVEB multiple times, but it's just too overwhelming for me. It's classy, feminine, and sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet.

It was a blind buy but I just wish I would've known it smells almost identical to Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming, since I already have that.It reminds me in the dry down ONLY of the musk in CD MD Absolutley Blooming, but I like MDAB better.

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